Welcome to viKernel – This is a technical blog written by me, Gareth Hogarth.

I am a Consultant/Architect based in the UK. I have a keen focus on ensuring business goals are achieved and centre these skills around project planning, management and execution.
My aim is to cover the specifics around virtualisation, storage, networking and security as well as how these technologies impact business information systems. This blog is a way to engage with others interested in the same topics whilst learning, sharing and improving my own abilities.

I’m a regular Twitter user so please come and share your ideas.

VMware Advanced Architect Alumni – 2018
VCAP6-DCV Design
VCAP6-DCV Deploy

TOGAF – Enterprise Architecture

vEXPERT 2014
vEXPERT 2015
vEXPERT 2016
vEXPERT 2017
Atlantis Expert 2016

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions expressed here are strictly my own. I am solely responsible for all content published here. This is a personal blog, not a company blog. Content published here is not read, reviewed, or approved in advance by my employer and does not necessarily represent or reflect the views or opinions of my employer or any of its divisions, subsidiaries, or business partners.

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