VCAPs completed….what’s next ?

There is value in trying to achieve the tasks we find the hardest – it’s through the process we learn and improve. For me this is what achieving the VCDX is all about.

So why do I want to pursue it ?

A good question, and one that every candidate should ask of themselves. At first this was driven by my need to be one of those select few, the industry experts of which there are less than 200 world-wide. As I started on the VMware certification ladder towards preparing for the VCDX, from getting the VCP and then moving on towards the more advanced VCAP exams, my objective shifted. It was simply to be the best I could possibly be. Towards the end of 2014, this culminated in me transitioning to a solutions focussed company, with employees who had achieved their VCDX or were striving towards the same goals.

Ultimately I see this as an investment in myself – there is intrinsic value in the process, it is not purely about the end result for me.

The Impact

Many have said it – the impact to your personal life and family should not go without thought. This is not just in the writing of your defence paper but also in qualifying exams up until you start the VCDX process. I have a very supportive family, led by the most amazing wife anyone could ask for, and is the true measure behind my success.

Moving Forward

The community has never been stronger or more prepared to support those pursuing their VCP, VCAPs and VCDX.
I am currently formulating my defence, for which my design contributes a large part of my ongoing learning process.

Good luck to all those starting and those chosen to defend this year.

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